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Welcome to MACSA!

The Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association is a fellowship of Christian School educators with a passion to make Christ known.  MACSA members are administrators, teachers, board members, and staff of Christian schools in the US’s Mid-Atlantic region, one of the most culturally diverse and economically powerful regions of the country.   

About Us

Sharing together, learning together, praying for one another and mentoring our fellow educators in Christ is what MACSA members do. 

Our mission is "To serve schools who serve the Savior."

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Board Resource Corner

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Succession Planning

Friday, January 20 

121 PM EST  


In today’s challenging employment environment, succession planning has become a vital part of organizational sustainability. Independent schools operate in unique ways that reflect the rich mosaic of skills, talents, styles, and passions of those who lead. But, despite the uniqueness of each school culture, there are universal do’s and don'ts when planning for succession for any role. 

Join Toni Boyd, ISM Adjunct Consultant and Vice President for Finance and Operations at The Westminster School, Georgia, and Chris Massaro, Co-Founder & Partner of The Source Advisory, to examine how to avoid these pitfalls and seize opportunities.




Support Educational Opportunity Accounts in Pennsylvania

By Dr. D. Merle Skinner

When a family chooses to enroll children in a Christian school, the public school district to which the family is assigned based on geography currently  receives all of the state funds necessary to educate that child.  The money doesn't follow the child. 

As a result, many families cannot afford a private school education that would better meet their individual needs and their children remain in public schools where, quite possibly, their specific needs are unmet.  CONTINUE READING HERE...


Painting the Picture

By Jeff Howard

Have you ever experienced those moments in life when you stop, look back over your life and you have that overwhelming realization that God has been painting the picture all along?  CONTINUE READING HERE.

Jeff Howard is MACSA President and Cedar Grove Christian Academy Head of School.


What the Real World Looks Like

By Bill Stevens

Like most of you, I’ve been looking at the present state of the world and pondering, “Is this for real?”

Even for us who claim hope, being “filled with joy and peace in believing” (Romans 15:13), the present level of crisis around the globe gives us pause.  CONTINUE READING HERE.


Looking Forward to the Next Challenge

By John Fedele

As the newest member to the MACSA Board, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is John Fedele and I am honored and excited to be a part of furthering the kingdom of God through Christian education and Christian schools.  CONTINUE READING HERE.

Member Benefits

Joining MACSA opens the door to connections with other Christian schools, access to networking and mentoring opportunities with long-time leaders in Christian education, and events for your staff, students, and administrators.

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Educator's Corner

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Herzog Foundation Launches Second Annual Christian Teacher of the Year Awards

The Herzog Foundation recently announced that it will begin accepting nominations for the 2023 Christian Teacher of the Year Awards. This annual opportunity to honor Christian educators is part of the Herzog Foundation’s Excellence in Christian Education award series.

The 2023 nomination period will conclude on Friday, March 10. The Herzog Foundation will then select 12 Teachers of the Year to be honored at an awards gala on Saturday, September 30 at Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. In addition to the gala, each teacher and their school will receive a monetary gift.  FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE.


Are We Seeing Revival Break Out?

By Jeff Keaton

No doubt many of you have heard about the spiritual awakening that is taking place around the country. It started two weeks ago with a student publicly confessing sin at Asbury University and has now spread to many other campuses and is continuing at Asbury University. Some call it a revival, and I pray it is exactly that, but it will take some time to know if it’s a true revival. We will know it was a revival when we see changed lives going out and being used by God to impact our world. It seems everyone has an opinion on whether or not this is a move of God. I’m just grateful to see thousands of young people seeking God, repenting of their sins, trusting Christ for salvation, deliverance from sin, and the power to be bold in our sin-saturated world.

I encourage all heads of schools to take some time to talk with your students about spiritual awakenings in the Scriptures and throughout church history. Allow them to read about and perhaps watch videos of what God is doing at Asbury and other colleges. We may not understand or fully agree with every expression we see in some of these settings, but we can all agree that God seems to be moving, and young people’s lives are being significantly impacted for the glory of God. My prayer is that God would manifest His presence in our middle and high schools across the country. When the hearts of our students are set on fire by the power of Christ, we can graduate students who will truly make a difference in our world.

Jeff Keaton is Founder, President & CEO of


Deepening Faith Through Science: A School Leader's Guide

By Faith Stults

Over the course of this Faith & Science series, we’ve explored how to address important but delicate questions of science and faith in the classroom.  In this final piece, we are exploring how school leaders can make their schools a safe and spiritually supportive place for engaging questions of science and faith...CONTINUE READING HERE.


Tips for Teaching Controversial Science Content

By April Maskiewicz Cordero

Evolution. Climate change. Vaccines. Randomness. Just hearing these terms can elicit angst for Christian science educators. Whereas some of these topics are contentious because they challenge certain theological views, others have become overly politicized in the past decade and can be just as tricky to address in the classroom...CONTINUE READING HERE.





APRIL 24, 2024






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Lancaster, PA



Abundant Life Academy

Nutley, NJ


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Faculty & Staff Openings

Welcome to the MACSA Career Center, an excellent place for schools to find qualified candidates and job seekers to find a position at member schools.

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Student Competitions

A vital part of MACSA’s mission to members is providing competitive opportunities for students.  Bible Quizzing and the Track Meets for Middle and High Schools are MACSA’s crown jewel events.  

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