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Upcoming Training Opportunity! 

A virtual and live 4-part Training Series based on the book "Please Teach Me like I'm a boy" by Dr. Vermelle Greene. Join her to learn more about how to help boys be successful in school and life. Please see the flyer for more information. 

Sacred Boys Training.jpg

Great Opportunity! 

If you are a Christian school leader, head of school, administrator, or teacher, register to attend a training retreat or workshop today. Leave equipped and empowered to maximize your reach for Christian education.

Visit: Training Events & Guest Speakers | The Stanley M. Herzog Foundation to learn more! 

We Ask Your Wise Input 

Praise the Lord for you and your school and your involvement with MACSA. We are very thankful for all our schools that are diligently serving our Lord. We here at MACSA, as always, want to serve schools who serve the Savior. To that end, we are asking for your wise and valuable input by way of the attached short survey. Could you please pass this email onto your entire staff (as applicable). We are asking you and your staff to give us feedback on how we are serving your schools. The survey will give you and your staff a voice in how we can best serve you.  Thank you for your help in this matter. May God richly bless you and your school. 

In His Grip, 

Jeff Howard, MACSA Board President Bill Stevens, MACSA Executive Director



New Christian School Opens in Turnersville, New Jersey

Cornerstone Christian Academy, a ministry of Calvary Chapel Gloucester County in Turnersville, New Jersey, hosted an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on August 30 to celebrate the opening of their new Christian school.

The first day of school for the 34 Kindergarten through sixth grade students and 12 teachers is Tuesday, September 6. 

“Cornerstone is the answer to prayer for us,” said Amanda, the mother of two children who will be attending the school.  “With all that is going on in the public schools, we felt that we needed to find a school that supported out Christian values.”

Cornerstone will not accept any government money and relies on tuition, donations and grants.  Faculty include retired and former public-school teachers.

 The school occupies Calvary Chapel Gloucester County’s children’s church area within the church complex. 

“The space remained empty on weekdays,” explained Regina Schaefer, Cornerstone Christian Academy Head of School.  “We are so grateful to the congregation for their support and prayers.”   


"Onward Christian Soldiers"

Bill Stevens, MACSA Executive Director

Here's hoping you had a blessed Christmas and hope filled New Year!  

My wife and I have the tradition of watching the 1954 (remember black & white?) edition of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." One of my favorite lines is when Ebenezer Scrooge implores the ghost of Christmas past not to show him any more reflections of what has been.  The spirit responds with,"...and yet, we turn another page!"  It happens.  We cannot stop it, only reflect upon it, trust God and move forward...CLICK HERE to read more.

An Opportunity to Expand School Choice in Pennsylvania

The Association of Christian Schools in Pennsylvania (ACSIPA), a network of Christian Schools advocating for Christian education in Pennsylvania, is urging Christian Schools to contact their legislators in support of a bill that expands school choice. The PA Senate is currently reviewing SB 1 and SB 733.  Collectively these bills would open up educational freedom to tens of thousands of PA families.  Our children need these options and PA needs these options.

Click below for more information and how you can make a difference:


Supreme Court Strengthens Right of Religious Schools to Public Funding

The Supreme Court on Tuesday (June 30, 2020) delivered a landmark decision that strengthens the right of religious schools to obtain public funds, ruling that Montana violated the First Amendment when it excluded faith-based educators from a scholarship program supported by public monies. 

Click HERE for the story.


Cairn University To Offer Summer On-line Tech Courses for Educators

Cairn University is offering two on-line Education Technology courses, Emerging Technologies in Education and Technology Integration Across the Curriculum, beginning on June 22, 2020.

The cost is just $100 per course—over 95% off the standard course fee. Each of these three-week long summer courses are offered 100% online and meet the requirements for Act 48 continuing education. You can choose to take one or both courses this summer.

In addition to receiving graduate credit and practical technology-related strategies to apply in your classroom, participants will be prepared to sit for Google's Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 exams. Not only will this be a valuable credential in the future job market, you will receive practical strategies and learn new ways to integrate technology into your classroom—all from a biblical worldview. 

“We at Cairn University believe the work you’re doing to serve your students and families matters,” said Gwen Rapp, Cairn Director for Strategic Partnerships & Graduate Programs“In today’s environment, the ability to apply innovative classroom strategies is more relevant than ever.”

Registration is now open for both courses and limited seats are available. The first course starts on June 22. Learn more or sign up at


MACSA Member Cedar Grove Academy Receives Security Grant  

Cedar Grove Christian Academy, a MACSA member school located in Philadelphia, has received a Pennsylvania Commonwealth grant of $24,925 for school security. The grant was presented by Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon (PA 202) at a ceremony held at the school on December 12, 2019.

At the ceremony, Middle Schoolers Noah Woodbarry and Maddy Davis presented essays they had written and the students sang Christmas carols to welcome their guest.
The grant will be used to purchase two-way, private, multi-channel radios so that classroom teachers and administrative staff can be in constant contact to help avoid emergency situations or stay in communication in the event of one. The remainder of the grant will be used to purchase a state-of-the- art monitoring and surveillance system and a main entrance electronic locking system.

Similar grants are available to schools in Pennsylvania. Contact Representative Solomon’s office at (717) 787-4117 for more information.

Photo: Pennsylvania Representative Jared Solomon (back row center) was joined by (left to right) Art Hummel, Cedar Grove Past Principal; Jeff Howard, Cedar Grove Principal; Paul Woite, Chair of the Board of Directors; and students of the school for a presentation of a grant of $24,925 for school security.


Christian School Leaders Gather for December 5 Lunch & Learn 

Christian school leaders from the Mid-Atlantic region gathered for a day of spiritual renewal and fellowship at MACSA’s Leadership Luncheon, held on December 5 at Lancaster Bible College.
The Reverend Kenneth Cook, Associate Rector of St. John’s Anglican Church in Southampton, Pennsylvania, referenced Psalm 63 and John 15 in his talk on how administrators and principals must be "Nurturing Your Own Soul as a Leader."

Other speakers included Bill Stevens, MACSA Executive Director; Dr. David Hegedus, Associate Director, Association of Christian Schools International; Dr. Peter Teague, Lancaster Bible College President Emeritus; and Dr. Sandy Outlar, Lancaster Bible College.

Photo: The Reverend Ken Cook speaks about the need or leaders to have a strong spiritual life.


MACSA Welcomes New Members to the Board of Directors

MACSA is pleased to announced the appointment of new members of the Board of Directors to three-year terms beginning July 1, 2019.

Jeff Howard, Head of School of Cedar Grove Christian Academy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will serve as President.  Jeff has over 30 years’ experience as an educator and administrator in urban Christian schools.

Keith Garner, Administrator, Lititz Area Mennonite School, Lititz, Pennsylvania, is Vice President. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Keith has extensive experience in rural and farming community Christian schools.

Lynne Giambri, Ed.D., Adjunct Professor of Education at Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania, is the new Secretary.  Lynne brings her vast experience as a teacher, administrator and now teacher of future teachers to the board.

The Treasure position will be held by James N. Smock, Ed.D., Head of School, Timothy Christian School, Piscataway, New Jersey.  A long-time MACSA leader, he has over 30 years’ experience in suburban Christian schools in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Laura McCollum, Head of School, Open Door Christian Academy, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, will serve as Member-At-Large.  Laura brings a wealth of experience to the board with national experience as a Christian schools teacher and administrator and positions in higher education. 


MACSA & Cairn University Co-Host Admissions Symposium

A dozen Christian education professionals participated in a joint day-long MACSA/Cairn University Admissions Symposium for Christian schools educators on Friday, October 12, 2018 at Cairn University.

Facilitated by Dave Urban, Cairn University, Executive Director of Enrollment Management; Paul Neal, Cairn University Senior VP for Enrollment & Marketing; and Jonathan Ekeland, Admissions Director at The Christian Academy, educators participated in peer round table discussions about the joys and challenges of ensuring continued enrollment in their schools.

“We had a great time of prayer, encouragement,  education and reflection,” said Bill Stevens, MACSA Executive Director.

Some of the issues discussed were, reaching out and listening to the communities outside of one’s school, board relations, and re-imagining one’s school’s mission to best reach both believers and those outside of the church.

  Photo: Educators share at round table discussion time. 


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